Adding a new tab to a Company Facebook Page

Can I add a new tab to my company's Facebook page?

Yes, you can. This means that you can rename the tab and add in content using HMTL or Facebook Markup Language (FMBL).

Login to Facebook and search for the Static FBML app.

Just under the logo for the Static FBML app there is a menu item "Add to my Page"

Click the drop down menu to select the page you want to add the app to.

Go to your Company Page and click on Edit Page.

You can now scroll down to edit the FBML tab you have just created and rename it. To add content use HTML oR FBML. More information can be found on the Facebook developer's area.

If you want to add more FBML tabs, this can be done by clicking on the link ADD ANOTHER FBML PAGE (which is found at the bottom of the Edit Page of any of your FBML pages).

Once you have added in the new title and content for this page, go back to your home page and click on the + mark where you will see your added tab. Move this across to the preferred place. You will see that other tabs move along out of sight but can be accessed by clicking on the >> button.

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