What is Foursquare? First of all, you need to know some terms: The 'Mayor' - a person who visits a location eg restaurant, store, etc the most frequently over a 30 days period. Check-in - use your mobile's GPS to log in to foursquare and post your location or there is an app for iPhones. Foursquare is a location based program where users can post their location along with other information, eg I am at The Restaurant, offer on 2 meals for the price of 1. When you are at a location such as a shop, restaurant, you 'check-in' to that place by using internet access on your mobile phone. If you are the most frequent visitor within a timeframe of 30 days to The Restaurant, you will be crowned Mayor of that place. Debenhams has been using foursquare and Twitter to let people know they can drop in for a free coffee on a Friday if they check-in to Debenhams Oxford Street on foursquare By offering freebies or offers to the 'Mayor' it encourages people to go to the store, shop, restaurant etc to claim points and become the Mayor. If the location you are checking-in to is not already listed on foursquare, you can add it. Benefits

Potential downsides highlighted the dangers using foursquare and Twitter by providing details of your location.

Those using Facebook should also be aware that posting you're away on holiday is not a good idea.

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