Top tips for using Twitter

Twitter is a fast growing social networking site. It limits your sentences or comments to 140 characters. Top tips for using Twitter: 1. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days when tweets are most likely to be re-tweeted. 2. Decide what you want to tweet about! a. Hard sell approach does not work b. Tips, facts and figures do c. Repeat other interesting tweets (retweet) d. Focus on your local area, or sector 3. Decide which identity to use – personal, corporate or both. 4. Make an effort to get over 1,000 tweets, then you get taken more seriously. 5. Use autofollow settings after you have got a few followers, see which is free or which is a paid for service. 6. Create a Twitter landing page in your website, so you can see how effective it is for your business. 7. If you want to be re-tweeted make sure your tweets are shorter than average – especially if you have a long Twitter name… If you have Twitter hints to share, do let us know! Do follow us Bookmark and Share

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