New Year, New Job?

Happy New Year! Are you looking for a new job in marketing or research this year? Here are some tips: 1. Set up a Google Alert for the job title you are looking for eg "marketing manager" + "west midlands". 2. Sign up for job alerts on job sites. 3. Ask around - your friends and family may know companies who have vacancies. 4. Set up a search column on Twitter, follow recruitment companies so you get to hear about it first. 5. Source credible places where companies are posting jobs. Freepint has job listings, The Marketer (official Chartered Institute of Marketing magazine for members) 6. Get up to date with marketing / digital marketing. See Quick Win Marketing and Quick Win Digital Marketing books! 7. If you are on Facebook do not have a public profile. Potential employers are looking on Facebook to find out more and they don't want to see what you get up to at the weekend! 8. If you are not already on LinkedIn, sign up and ask your connections to recommend you. Make your profile public so that potential employers will be able to see your experience and recommendations. 9. Get qualified in Marketing to develop your knowledge and add credibility. The CIM also reports that "Membership of The Chartered Institute of Marketing does add value as the survey highlights that senior and middle managers, who are members, are paid between 2% and 12% above the salary of an equivalent non-member respondent - £58,500 compared with £52,000 at senior manager level, and £33,000 compared with £32,000 at middle manager level." 10. Finally be prepared - research, research and research some more. Don't go to interviews without finding out as much about the company as possible, follow the company on Twitter, search for people who work for the company on LinkedIn to get an idea of what their job role is. Bookmark and Share

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