LinkedIn tips

If you're using LinkedIn these tips will help to improve your profile which means you'll appear in searches more often (opportunities for enquiries) 1. Complete your profile (you can restrict your Public Profile content to people you know). 2. Add a photo. Surprisingly, many people don't! 3. Get recommended - these are mini case studies that will get reviewed. 4. Make recommendations where you are happy with a service or product. 5. Join groups (up to 50). 6. Ask and / or answer questions. 7. Update your status. 8. Build connections, say when you are at an event, ask people if they are on LinkedIn and connect to them after the event. 9. Personalise emails and connection requests in LinkedIn, do not use the standard templates. 10. Treat LinkedIn the same way as you would face to face networking. You need to work at it to get results. Do you have LinkedIn tips to share? Let us know (remove the spaces from this email address!) evolve @ evonomie . net Do connect to us on LinkedIn too Bookmark and Share

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