Search Engine Optimisation - more myths

We've heard from more companies that have been contacted regarding SEO to blind them with science. "we can get you to number 1 on Google", "we know someone at Google and can get you to number 1", "if you don't act now, your website will disappear". They make guarantees that can not be fulfilled, get clients excited with their promises. The untruths told by these companies give genuine SEO companies a bad name. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION is optimising your website to help it achieve better listings in search engines and provide your website visitors with a better user experience. SEO companies can help to achieve this and there are many good ones around. Beware—there are also some unethical SEO companies! No one can guarantee a number 1 spot in listings and no one is given special treatment by Google! Before signing up with any SEO company, read advice on Google Webmaster Central and talk to your website designer. Remember ‐ unethical SEO companies can do more harm than good to your website ranking! Visit (then click on Google Site Management,then SEO) Bookmark and Share

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