10 ways to trade through slower times

1. Businesses which continue marketing efforts through a downturn, come out better at the other end, so continue with all marketing plans. In fact there has never been a better time to build a brand and buy advertising space! 2. Segment those customers so you can see where any future work may come from. The loyalty ladder is a great tool to focus the mind and customer groups. 3. Talk to your customers - Telephone traffic is said to be lower than other times during the year. So get talking! 4. If you still use Christmas cards instead of New Year’s cards, send them out now if you haven't already done so! 5. Talk to your sales staff – what messages are they getting? Give them a dash of ‘positivity’ or even better, send them on a sales training course to reinforce great themes and thoughts! 6. Look at other markets – if you are UK based, are there other markets outside the UK where you could sell your services? If you are already exporting, which other markets may be suitable? 7. Identify which competitors’ business you can take – this is a time when people may be cutting staff. This means their services may be declining – great time to adopt a flank attack and focus on a competitor weakness. 8. Review that website – as more and more people are in the office rather than travelling, websites are becoming more important – just like the fax machine in the postal strikes in the 1980s. This means gaining and retaining traffic is becoming more important. 9. Review the company’s marketing plan to ensure that all variables in the marketing mix are working FOR your company. 10. Contact Evonomie to help! evolve@evonomie.net Bookmark and Share

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