Twitter Lists

Twitter has created a list function to help you organise those people you are following and followers into groups. To create a Twitter list log into your Twitter account via Choose Create a List or if you view your list of those people you are following on Twitter, you can choose to add them to a list from a drop down menu. You can do the same for followers. Here is a few examples of lists you might create but you can create anything - choose to make them publicly available or keep them private: 1. Friends 2. Colleagues 3. Clients 4. Teams of people at companies eg 5. Customer services on Twitter 6. Associations 7. News You can view your lists once you have set them in the right hand column of Twitter. You can follow an entire list, however each person within that list will not appear in your Twitter feed, only in your Lists. provides a list of Twitter lists created. Creating lists in Tweetdeck isn't currently available but they are working on it. Bookmark and Share

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