Ten Top Tips for Exhibitions Stands

We attended a CIM event at Interbuild this year - The Interbuild Walkabout was organised by the CIMCIG (Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group) where Rick Osman took attendees around the exhibition pointing out good / bad points about the exhibitions stands. Here are ten of the tips we took away with us:
  1. Exhibition stands need to clearly state what products are being exhibited and why you should look at them.
  2. Your stand should showcase your products eg if your company sells flooring, use your flooring products as flooring for your stand.
  3. Add extra height to standard shell schemes so that visitors can see your stand easily.
  4. If using pop ups at exhibitions make sure your phone number appears at the top so that visitors can see it clearly.
  5. If using moving images, stick to PowerPoint with no sound.
  6. Don't show corporate videos on your exhibitions stand - no one will watch it.
  7. Don't display rubbish or brochure boxes on a site; hide your junk.
  8. Never ever let staff eat and drink of the stand. It looks bad and puts off visitors.
  9. Put leaflets at the front of your stand. Some visitors just want to pick up your leaflet.
  10. Lighting on your exhibition stand is key. It's needed to brighten up your stand and attract visitors.
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