Sources of social and demographic information

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) - Official UK economic and social data Census Data collected every 10 years on demographic information Social Trends - Annual publication - British population and changes in society and lifestyle Regional Trends - Annual demographic, social and economic data for the UK. Also includes population and social statistics for the EU Official labour market statistics Focus on - Online snapshots of social topics Population Trends - Articles relating to population and social trends Communities and Local Government - Housing supply and demand International International Labour Organisation - Provides worldwide [un]employment statistics Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development - Publishes OECD Factbook 2008 Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics which containing statistics including migration, quality of life. The Statistical Office of the European Communities Eurostat - Publishes statistical information on EU countries United Nations - Compiles and publishes global statistical information - Press Newspapers / Trade magazines Highlight changes in social attitudes and publishes ‘special reports’ such as in the Financial Times Trade Magazines and trade associations can provide an overall picture of the changes being experienced in a specific industry. External Specialised Areas Keynote Reports on various topics which provide an insight into consumer behaviour Ipsos MORI Environment Research Unit - attitudes towards various subjects ACORN Demographics and lifestyles categorised into classes used for targeting Economic and Social Research Council - Research into social and economic issues - Bookmark and Share

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