BT Complaints

If you have a complaint to BT, British Telecom, this is the address to use: BT UK Customer Correspondence Centre Durham DH98 1BT Main BT switchboard 0207 356 5000 It's taken use several phone calls to get these details so we thought we'd share! This is our complaint We moved offices on Friday. We kept the same telephone numbers. We actually moved less than 10 metres from one of our buildings to another building next door. Two engineers were required as we bought a BT phone system. The main reason we did this was to minimise the pain moving from one office to another. The systems engineer arrived at 9am and the equipment engineer arrived after 9.30am. The system engineer had to go to the exchange and cease the lines and re-start. We simply do not understand why this was the case. It could have been a simple switch. When the systems engineer went to the telephone exchange around 11.30 our telephone lines were disconnected, with the exception of one line that appeared to work to make calls on, but could not receive calls. The other challenge was that during this time our diverts did not work. Clients calling were simply hearing an unobtainable / the line is temporarily out of order message. Believing their work was completed, these engineers left around 3pm. I was on my mobile to a client, so could not speak to the engineers before they left. It became obvious that the work was not completed and we called the BT Business Movers Team and spoke to Paul Thomas and subsequently Tim Ravenhill, until they finished work (4.45pm). They gave me the number for Barry Iley, but when I called he was on annual leave. His voicemail suggested calling Lynne Gordon which I did, but there was no reply. We still did not have telephone lines / broadband / internet access at this point. Our contract was for a same day move and it should have been seamless. In the end we managed to contact someone who managed to find another engineer to come back out on site. He arrived on Friday at 17.30 and at 19.36 our phone lines were operational. We were told our broadband line was working fine and our IT guys were booked for Saturday so that our emails could be accessed. I needed the emails over the weekend to ensure that my clients were up to date with a meeting being held this week. The IT team set up the server but the broadband did not seem to be working. I called BT Business Movers, but they don’t work on Saturdays which is interesting as many offices move at weekends. I spoke to someone in faults at 14.42 (I was on the phone until 15.23) speaking to Lisa in broadband help, followed by Tina her supervisor and subsequently Thea on the broadband support desk who confirmed that there was no connection from the local exchange ‘the lines have not been synchronised’. She suggested I call the BT Order Management line, but when I did they were closed. This morning I called BT Business Movers at 08.00 to hear an ansafone message saying I should “call back during office hours as the office was closed. Office hours were from 8am…” I made 4 calls to the office until 08.12 and then I called Lynne Gordon. At 09.17 we were finally back online. BT Business Movers called me later in the day to ask if everything was ok and I explained that it was now, but it was no good calling after the event. They mentioned that they have problems with every move and are constantly apologising to customers. It really isn’t good enough. Last time we moved the major headache was BT and this time it has been the same. This afternoon BT called again and I said I would like to make a complaint and was given the number 0207 356 5000 which was the Chairman’s office for BT Complaints. I called this number and was told it wasn’t the Chairman’s office, but a BT switchboard that filters calls! We’ve spent time and money making calls to 11 people (including Paul, Tim, Barry, Lynne, Kevan, Stuart, Mick, Lisa, Tina, Thea and Lynne) to get this resolved. It’s very, very frustrating dealing with BT! All we wanted was to move the phones from one building to another and it should have been seamless, same day service, as per the contract. Feel free to retweet, share and let us have your BT comments too - good or bad we're happy to add in here. Bookmark and Share