Measuring Twitter effectiveness and gaining your Twitter Statistics

There are several tools to help you monitor your effectiveness on Twitter. Twinfluence calculates two types of ranks - one assigning an absolute rank (#1!) compared to all analyzed twitterers to date, and one that assigns a value and category relative to other twitterers that have more or less the same number of followers as you. These factors go into the calculation of a score: number of followers, power of followers, updates, update recency, follower/following ratio, engagement. This score is then used to compare a user against all other users that also have a score. The grade is calculated as the approximate percentage of other users that have an equal or lower grade out of 100. Detailed graphs that show tweets posted and activity. Simple graphs that show tweets posted and activity. Shows the TFF Ratio (Twitter Follower-Friend Ratio) is the ratio of your followers to friends (or people who you follow). Bookmark and Share

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