Does Twitter have limits?

Does Twitter have limits? Twitter has started to create limits, partly we think to block spam, auto tweets and too many repeated tweets (not retweets, but the same message being resent over and over again). The Twitter limits are a maximum of:

There are also follower limits based on a ratio (we don’t know what this is!)

FROM TWITTER TIPS - Once you have nearly 2,000 followers, you are limited to following only 10% more than follow you—ratio of 11:10

Twitter will only reveal some limits only when you reach them, and tell you about others in advance. Twitter has also limited the number of people you can follow. The number is different for everyone and is based on a ratio that changes as the account changes. If you hit a follow limit, you must balance your follower/following ratio in order to follow more people- basically, you can't follow 50,000 people if only 23 people follow you. Based on current behavior in the Twitter community, we've concluded that this is both fair and reasonable.

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