VisualDNA Shops

Today at 1.00pm BST/5.00am PST, Imagini is launching VisualDNA Shops in beta, a widget that allows every blogger and web publisher to provide personalised product recommendations and start generating detailed demographic, psychographic and behavioural analytics of their visitors. It also provides a new way to monetise traffic, since a percentage of every purchase made through the widget is paid directly back to the site or blog. VisualDNA Shops creates its product recommendations using, based on responses to a series of simple visual questions. Products range from mobile phones to travel accessories, digital cameras and gadgets and Imagini plans to also include products from sites such as eBay and in the coming weeks. As well as the free version (which you can set up in five minutes), there’s also a ‘Pro’ set up available for $2.99 a month. On top of the features above, you can drill down into the profile of visitors coming to your site, and put your *own* product recommendations in place for different profiles of shopper. Plus, you can look at which other sites have been visited by people with similar preferences.

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