Free training

Business Link West Midlands has won a bid to deliver the Director Development Programme. This means that companies can access £500 of free training or £1500 of training for £500. As a recognised supplier to Business Link we can deliver the training. What’s the catch? · You need to employ 5 to 249 people. The 5 can include ‘unpaid volunteers’ as long as they have a formal contract with your company · Be based in the West Midlands · A bit of paperwork is involved · If you had funding for the Director Development Programme last year, you can’t go for it again this year What can the training include? · Marketing training, for example if you want to set up a blog, get into Facebook, get more out of your website, understand how to grow the business, move into new markets, we could provide 2 x half day workshops / mentoring sessions · Formal training such as an MBA or other professional qualification · HR, management, leadership, IT or other training programmes that are useful for senior staff You can simply opt for the £500 grant or you can decide that you need the total £1500 to which you have to pay £500 – it’s up to you. If you want to know how it works and how your company can secure its funding, let me know.

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