TripIt - sharing travel plans

Someone has invited me to connect with them on TripIt - what is it? TripIt describes itself as "a personal travel assistant that automatically organizes all your travel plans" - The idea is to forward confirmation emails from hotels, airlines, car rentals, etc to TripIt who will will create an itinerary for you free of charge and add it into your calendar - it can be synced with iPhone and Blackberry (and Outlook depending on which version). Trips can be shared with your 'connections' so that you can see when you are both in the same location or nearby providing the opportunity to meet up. In order to add a connection, your contact will be emailed and will need to confirm they want to share travel details with you. TripIt will email you when one of your connections on TripIt will be in the same location or near you at the same time. Trips can be set to private. Is anyone using TripIt? What do you think?

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