Lectora – question on LinkedIn

We wanted to explore Lectora and whether or not you had used this publishing software. What was your experience, good or bad? We asked the question on LinkedIn and we were delighted with so many responses, along with suggestions for using other software, we had great feedback! I tried my hand on Lectora back in 2004. I found it pretty easy to learn and use. And the output was quite satisfactory. I have been using Lectora for 6 years now and I believe that it is easy to use and adaptive Lectora is fairly intuitive. Everything is menu-driven, eliminating the need to hand-code. You can develop re-usable templates for a cohesive approach to your project. I've just finished my first project using Lectora and it's great - I have found that it suits soft skills courses very well! I've been using Lectora since 2003 and agree that it is a great tool. You can code simple courses very quickly. Lectora also empowers you to utilize most anything you want in a course (video, audio, Flash, branching, simulations) as your e-learning grows more sophisticated. You have a good bit of control over how the course will function using in-tool coding and variables. Integration It can be integrated with other software; Flash, Captivate, Audio, Images, Raptivity (Flash Output) Lectora has an output for SCORM or CD ROM More information There is a very active community http://community.trivantis.com Other software UltraLearn.com can synchronize video with the slides and broadcast it over the web http://www.ultralearn.com/ Lectora comes with many templates, you might consider creating your own and importing them if you want a really high-end look I would create simulations using Adobe Captivate and import them. Any other comments? Let us know!

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