Emerging websites

These are sites that were mentioned at the National B2B 2008 conference. Some companies harness the power of the net and take ordinary products into the extraordinary. One example is http://www.willitblend.com/ where a food blender is used to blend iPods, golf balls and even a new Apple iPhone. This shows the capacity of the blender and also makes for great viewing. http://www.mypitch.com/ is an online design arena where clients put forward requests for artwork, whether that’s a logo, poster or other art work and designers pitch for the project. There are fixed fees for the work. Companies often struggle when creating a new brand or product offer. http://namethis.com/name_this/ enables people or companies to post a product or service in need of a name and the members [you must join to suggest names] put forward their ideas and the winner is paid a fee. Do you know of a great emerging website or online service? Let us know!

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