CRM systems

Sage keep calling us and they allegedly sell CRM systems, like ACT. Anyway, they keep calling us even though I keep explaining that (a) we don’t want to speak to them on the phone, we’d rather receive letters as that’s what our accounts manager prefers and (b) I’m not the person responsible for the SAGE system. Every time I repeat the same message. Jenny called last week and I went through this and Gavin has just called again today. Jenny said she couldn’t do anything with the database it wasn’t her problem, she didn’t even see the irony. However, Gavin was v helpful. In fact he told me that we seem to have two accounts and their system doesn’t recognise duplicates. They are meant to merge them together but it hasn’t because one company’s name is in CAPITALS and another in lower case. Not joined up! Does this company need a CRM system?