Advertising marketing jobs

Where is the best place to advertise a marketing job? I guess that depends on what you’re looking for, but as an example, we’ve got a client seeking a Marketing and Brand Manager in the property sector. They’re looking for someone with lots of online experience so the first places we suggested were the drum and Brand republic. Both are online job boards and cover this type of role, as well as the Midlands as many jobs like this are in London and the South East. We also considered the CIM vacancy service available to members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. This seemed to be more London focused as we couldn’t see any vacancies in the West Midlands area so we weren’t sure it would deliver the coverage that the others could. The next consideration was that the job is in the property sector so we also considered two property publications; the Estates Gazette and Showhouse magazine. The downside is that these are printed rather than online, although they have impressive readerships. We felt, and this could be wrong, that Estates gazette was mainly looked at by property developers rather than marketing people. Showhouse is Looked at by sales and marketing staff in developers but we felt that Brand Republic offered more. Here are the contact details along with prices we obtained. The drum £440 for 4 weeks basic listing Brand republic £450 per advert for a month CIM vacancy service £240 for 4 weeks basic listing if placed by CIM Member Estates gazette ¼ page mono ad for 2 weeks in the magazine and 4 weeks coverage on our website, we can offer you this for £ 1465.68 + VAT Showhouse

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