Mailing lists

On a personal note I’m registered with the Mailing Preference Service [MPS] so that I can do my bit in saving the planet and not receive unwanted mail. Emails ok, at least it’s not using paper when it’s not necessary. I’ve just had a catalogue from Hotter who sell ‘comfort shoes’. I didn’t request the catalogue and am certainly not their target market, they would have been perfect for my grandmother. Being in marketing I felt it was my duty to contact them to save them money in the future. So I telephoned them [no email on their mailer to me as I guess this fits with their target market] and they’ve told me they bought the list from Club Canvas but they can’t give me the contact details for Club Canvas! I’ve never heard of them and can’t find them on Google. Does anyone else know them? I’ve registered again with the MPS so this should stop other unwanted mailings, but this one came through the list. It’s so important in marketing to send things to the target market and have a great response ready if someone wants to be taken off the list! Thumbs down for both Stewart Houlgrave the MD at Hotter and Club Canvas – if you can let me know where they are that would be great!

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