Blog time

We’re thinking of setting up a blog, but we’re not sure how much time to allocate to it. How long does it take you to manage your blog? When we set up our blog we had clear objectives, firstly it wasn’t going to be a diary as we didn’t think people would be that interested. Secondly we didn’t want to become driven by the blog, it needed to be manageable. So the easiest way for us to manage the blog is simply for two of us to post one or two items a week. This means that my ‘blog commitment’ takes around 10 minutes a week. Some weeks I post one article, other weeks two. My colleague Joanna Akins spends around 30 minutes per week on blog posts. The blog is generated by questions people send us through our main website or other emails we receive this makes it easier to start as we’re answering specific questions on marketing topics, which is our day job! See our notes on useful blog links if you're thinking of starting a blog.

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