Competency dictionary

Someone has mentioned organising a ‘competency dictionary’. What is this and why do we need one? Competencies are the traits, characteristics and behaviours that help to predict superior performance. They are usually developed by describing the best performers in a given field, e.g. what makes one manager better than others? What makes one salesperson better than the others? Once identified, the traits can be put together in the form of a dictionary or framework, giving more detailed descriptions of what is meant by the different terms and then used for recruitment purposes, appraisals and promotional opportunities. A competency dictionary is a personalised guide to the desired competencies within your organisation. The twelve most common competencies are 1. planning & organising 2. leadership 3. customer focus 4. team working 5. communication skills 6. results orientation 7. analytical thinking 8. developing others 9. commercial / business awareness 10. problem solving 11. flexibility/adaptability 12. building relationships It’s a challenge to organise this yourself, but do contact us as we have experience of creating competency dictionaries and ensuring that they work.