What could we use a blog for?

We’re thinking of starting a blog, but not sure what we could use it for. Some of our competitors have ‘diary blogs’ buy we’re not sure how useful these are. There are some fabulous diary blogs out there which are a good read. For business a blog has to something more. When we started talking about blogs some businesses did opt for diaries, but they weren’t actually that interesting! After a while they struggled to fill the pages. So, blogging for business2 business. The crucial thing is to have objectives for your blog

Set some objectives which will make it easier to establish and then monitor your blog. Some examples worth visiting are: Hotel Express saves its members time and money and they have a great blog http://hotel-express.blogspot.com/ which adds more value to the traveller. From tips on what to do where, they also comment on specific issues when travelling. Another travel related blog is the Intercontinental hotels blog - http://priorityclub.blogspot.com/ they use this to keep business and personal visitors up to date, as well as offering blog only promotions. The only pity is that there is no way to give feedback on this blog. http://www.cimnorthants.blogspot.com/ is the Northants branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s blog. The committee decided to start a blog to keep their members up to date with latest events. A great way to capture post event feedback as well.

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