Search Engine Marketing

What's Search Engine Marketing and how do i do it? Search Engine Marketing is marketing and advertising through search engines and is about increasing traffic to your website. This includes the use of: - Banner Ads - Pay Per Click (PPC) also known as Cost Per Click (CPC) - Affiliate programs - Writing articles Banner Ads A banner ad is an online advertisement usually containing graphics and sometimes Flash that when clicked on directs the user to the advertiser’s website. More information can be found at Pay Per Click Google Adwords offers a pay per click service. The user sets up various advertising campaigns. This involves choosing keywords that when entered into the Google search box by the user, will trigger your advert to appear on the search results page. Your advert rank position will depend upon a number of factors. For more information and to read some success stories visit: Google Adwords Center has various tutorials to help you understand how Google Adwords works Other providers include:

Affiliate Programs An affiliate program allows website owners to gain a percentage or fixed amount from a sale that has derived from its website. For example, a website providing a review of a product may include a link to a website selling that product and which runs an affiliate scheme. Writing Articles Ezines permit users to write an article and submit it for publishing on the internet. One example is Writers can include a link to a website which helps to increase traffic to that site. Other ways of getting visitors to your website are by: - Creating your own blog - Submitting your company to be included in online directories - Social networking

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