Can I find out who is using the same Google Adwords' keywords as our organisation? Yes, KeywordSpy can be used to find out what keywords your competitors are using for Google Adwords. For example, we could find out whether had any Google Adwords campaigns running and the list of keywords they were using. Alternatively, you can enter in keywords your company uses and see which other domains are using the same ones. To give it a go, visit and click on the free trial button - you will need to enter your name and an email address. The free trial lists 20 results per search. Upgrading your account will cost $89.95 a month and will show all results which can be exported into Excel or Word. The information is from major engines and other information sources including Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Google and other information sources. WordTracker By entering in a term used to describe your company, WordTracker will provide a list of keywords used by searchers to find the same products. For example, if we enter into the search box ‘IT support’ a number of alternative search phrases show in order of popularity, eg: remote support computer support network support The information is sourced from Dogpile and Metacrawler

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