7 ways to promote your business and Sales skills for non-sales people

This post is about 2 hands-on workshops we're running. They're aimed at people who spend time and money on marketing and sales, but aren’t getting the results they deserve! At the end of the workshops you will 1. Learn about the latest methods of promotion 2. Understand blogs, online marketing and social networking 3. Find out what really works 4. Gain useful examples for your own business 5. Understand how to create trust with prospective clients quickly, shortening the time it takes to win business 6. Learn how to get control of the sales process whilst leaving the prospective client feeling in complete control 7. Discover the real reasons people buy and learn how to sound different to your competitors in a sales meeting 8. Create an action plan for your own business Who should attend? This workshop is designed for · Owners / managers · People responsible for generating new business and retaining existing clients · Marketing managers wanting to keep up to date Investment · The total for both workshops is £199 + VAT · This includes all materials and refreshments · The cost of just 1 workshop is £149 + VAT For more details, download the flyer on the Evonomie website