Online surveys

How do I create a survey online? SurveyMonkey is free survey software which allows you to create online surveys. There are three types of account: 1. Basic Account FREE 10 questions allowed per survey 15 pre-built themes 2. Monthly Subscription Account $19.95 a month Unlimited number of questions per survey Customised themes

3. Annual Subscription Account $200 Unlimited number of questions allowed per survey Customised themes How to get started: Step 1: Visit Step 2: Click ‘Join now for free! Step 3: Complete form to register and click create a new account Start creating your free online survey – it is easy to use! There are 15 different types of question formats to choose from including multiple choice and rating scales. SurveyMonkey provides examples of the question types. The only disadvantages of the basic account (free) is that it does not allow any customisation as the Monthly or Annual subscriptions do, for example, you can’t add a company logo. You do not have to subscribe straight away – you can upgrade from the free basic account at any time. After you have created your suvey, send it to those taking part: Click on My Surveys Click the ‘Collect’ icon ‘Add New Collector’ ‘Create a link to send in your own email message or to place on a webpage’ Copy and paste the link into an email and send to those taking part. When surveys are completed, the results can be viewed in the Analyze section of My Surveys. Other help on creating surveys is available at

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