Studying Marketing

Where can I study for the Chartered Institute of Marketing Qualifications? Colleges The CIM provides details of its accredited study centres on its website at There are approximately 300 study centres in the West Midlands and a number of distance learning colleges, some are shown below. These are: Oxford College of Marketing in Brighton and Liverpool Email: Cambridge Professional Academy in Cambridge, Leeds, London and Channel Islands Email: RRC Business Training Email: Cambridge Marketing Colleges in Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Guildford, Leeds, Manchester Email: Cambridge Marketing College offers distance learning for CIM Professional Certificate CIM Professional Diploma CIM Professional Postgraduate Diploma CAM Diploma in Marketing CIM Professional Diploma for those in Arts Marketing What you get

Studying can start as soon as you receive the study material – there are no specific enrolment dates and you can take up to two years to complete the course. Cambridge Marketing College offers exam or assignment entry. Assignments are available to download in January and August (for handing in mid-May and early-December) so if you are thinking of joining the course, it may be a good idea to take these dates into consideration. For each assignment a core elective must be completed (2500 words) along with two electives (1,500 words each) and a reflective statement (500 words). Exams are held for each module and are three hour closed book exams (for example there are four modules for the Professional Certificate). Exams are held on the second Monday in June and the first Monday in December. Costs Cambridge Marketing College charge £900 + VAT per course. You need to register with the CIM which costs around £120 a year before you can take any assignments and assignment entry costs are £48 per module.

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