Do we need marketing help?

How do I recognise if I need marketing help? We think that marketing plans sound like a good idea, but do we really need one? If you are asking yourself the following questions, you may need some help with marketing: · How do I increase my turnover? · How do I get into new markets? · Who do I go to if I want to sell my business? · Where can I find more customers? · How do I get to where I want to get? · Where is my business heading? · How do I grow my business? · How do I get more clients? · How do we stand out from our competitors? · How do we motivate our staff? · How do we increase our customer service? · How do we find out what our competitors are doing? · What is our Unique Selling Point? · How do we get more enquiries? · We want to enter an award but don’t think our business is up to scratch – what can we do? · We want to be accredited – how do we go about working towards that? · How do I launch my new product? · Are my prices too high or too low? · How do we communicate better with our customers? · What do our competitors charge?

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